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Git for Humans cover

Git for Humans

by David Demaree
Git for Humans cover

Just Enough Research

by Erika Hall

The Eyre Affair

by Jasper Fforde

Daily UI Challenge

Here are my designs so far for the Daily UI challenge.

A quick buy online shopping view for a pair of Nike running shoes.
Daily UI 012
An upload image dialog box with an error state and success state represented alongside.
Daily UI 011
Daily UI 010
An iPhone music app design shown on three different iPhone screens in different visual states.
Daily UI 009
A 404 'Page not found' error message design.
Daily UI 008
A settings screen for changing bar graph colours and display options.
Daily UI 007
User profile card for iPad.
Daily UI 006
Replacement Dock icon for Invision Studio for Mac
Daily UI 005
Calculator app design for iPhone X
Daily UI 004
Landing Page
Daily UI 003
Credit Card Checkout Screen
Daily UI 002
Log In screen design for iPhone X
Daily UI 001