Hi there. I'm Matt Broughton.

I design and build user interfaces for the web and apps.

Daily UI Challenges

Here are my designs so far for the Daily UI challenge.

A website with a large warning message asking the user if they want to delete all user profiles or not.
Daily UI 016 : Pop Up/Overlay
A large grey power toggle button in both on and off positions. The on switch has bright blue illumination.
Daily UI 015 : On/Off Switch
A dark coloured countdown timer application on an iPhone.
Daily UI 014 : Countdown Timer
A direct messaging application on an iPhone floating in space.
Daily UI 013 : Direct Messaging
A quick buy online shopping view for a pair of Nike running shoes.
Daily UI 012 : E-Commerce Shop (Single Item)
An upload image dialog box with an error state and success state represented alongside.
Daily UI 011 : Flash Message (Error/Success)
An animated interaction for a social sharing button.
Daily UI 010 : Social Share
An iPhone music app design shown on three different iPhone screens in different visual states.
Daily UI 009 : Music Player
A 404 'Page not found' error message design.
Daily UI 008 : 404 Page
A settings screen for changing bar graph colours and display options.
Daily UI 007 : Settings
User profile card for iPad.
Daily UI 006 : User Profile
Replacement Dock icon for Invision Studio for Mac
Daily UI 005 : App Icon
Calculator app design for iPhone X
Daily UI 004 : Calculator
Landing Page
Daily UI 003 : Landing Page (above the fold)
Credit Card Checkout Screen
Daily UI 002 : Credit Card Checkout
Log In screen design for iPhone X
Daily UI 001 : Sign Up




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The books that I've been reading or listening to. Click the title for a link if you see anything you're interested in.

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Git for Humans

by David Demaree
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by Erika Hall

The Eyre Affair

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